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Scottish Specialist Contractors Training Committee

SSCTC was the hub for the CITB training groups in Scotland when all training groups were originally serviced by CITB staff.   The purpose of the committee was to liaise between the CITB and the federations to organise the training required by industry.

The Committee was composed of individuals representing their respective federations.   Once CITB serviced training groups gained independence especially in England to become independent training forums the need for such committees subsided.   The SSCTC therefore became weaker as a hub with CITB serviced training groupsbecoming more individual and depended less on direction from outside influence.   It was now viewed by CITB that the SSCTC would benefit from independence as a training group for the specialist sector rather than remain as a service committee in which all agree was the way forward. 

SSCTC became an Independent group on 1st of April 2014, and was in a transitional period with CITB until May 5th 2014 where by the independent group took responsibility for the delivery of training.

During this period of transition the group has had to establish an executive which is representative of the core occupations served by the group, covering general building, demolition, interiors, roofing, this executive is not exhausted but is based on likeminded people who have training in the uppermost in their mind

Training from 5th May to September was most helped by the free training initiative from CITB resulting in quality training being delivered to industry at the minimum cost.   In the past 18 months as an independent training group the training delivered has covered various manual courses to courses for supervisory and managerial position with qualifications in vocational attainmentas the groups mission is to provide training tailored to members needs where possible